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Lance Coombes

Portland, Oregon
Hi!  I am a bit shy about approaching others, but am super outgoing and friendly once I get started.  Approach with caution as I may make you my new best friend!  Hehe.

I'm from Portland, OR where I work in IT and live in a converted church with my wife, tiny dog, 3 cats and a chinchilla. I used to be a professional juggler based out of Sacramento California, for many years, but moved away from that after my juggling partner and I split (we are still great friends). I moved to Portland and got into improv comedy and performed regularly as part of several improv groups. In late 2018 I started getting interested in magic (as in magic tricks, not the card game. Though, I have also played MTG from time to time) and built up a magic show over the course of 2019. I started performing my show in early 2020, just before Covid shut it all down. I'll be performing my show, Almost Magic! on the cruise on Monday (extra shows may be added if there is demand).

I'm hoping to also get some practice performing some walk-around magic.  If you see me around, ask me if I have time to do a trick for you!  I need the practice and would love a chance to bring you a moment of joy!