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Stefan Lasiewski

National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Department of Energy
Senior Systems Engineer
Berkeley, CA, USA
I'm implementing a multi-user container infrastructure for Scientific Computing at nersc.gov called 'Spin'. Our first generation is based on Rancher 1.6 and is used to host a wide variety of non-HPC Scientific Computing projects. HPC projects at NERSC mostly use our Shifter software.

Our next generation will be based on Rancher 2 and will use Kubernetes under the hood. We're looking at using Rancher Projects with Namespaces, OPA + other controls to enforce user containers to run as their own Linux UserID so they can access resources using normal Linux access control.


Parent of three kids. Bicyclist. DIYer. System Engineer working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL). I love trying to figure out how things work. Passionate about high-level tools & methods that simplify the security & management of 300 systems.